I've gathered up my favorite songs of 2015.

I was able to drill the list down to just 15.

At the top of the list is Matt and Kim! I love this video and the song! They are always able to change my mood and automatically create a fun environment. Can't tell you how many road trips to Austin consist of Chuky driving and me dancing in the passenger seat to Matt and Kim.

Good Times!

Anywho, here is my spotify playlist.

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I know I say this every new post but I have not had as much time to blog as I would like. HOPEFULLY I can do better this year :)  
Since my birthday we have been just spending most our spare time with family and friends. The holidays were great this year and very relaxing. I am working on updating my office and looking forward to a trip to San Francisco at the end of the month. I will post about my office update as soon as I finish. 

Here are some snapshots from the past few months. 

Picture above: Finally finished the massive quilt for chuky. Took me a while because I would do a little each week. I'm glad it came out ok.

Pumpkin carving! My favorite is the Peewee Herman :)


Drinks with deeply missed ex-coworkers. Miss ya Cassie!


Was fortunate enough to go to Untapped Festival at the Lonestar Brewery. Metric headlined! I have been waiting to see Metric for probably 10 years. Although it was SOOO cold still had a great time.



Updated this shelf for its intended purpose :) Before thanksgiving it held all of chukys tools and knick knacks.

Waiting for our Thanksgiving guests and playing Nintendo 64...


Guys, Deer Vibes released their first full length album and debuted with YOSA! Amazing night! They sounded amazing.


Always at the last minute :) Made this bean bag chair for my nieces for Christmas. I also made them monogram pillows but I forgot to take a picture. This bean bag chair was so easy. I did this in about 30 minutes. Now I have to make one for chuky and my other nieces :)


New Years Eve with my Love!

I'm so looking forward to this year! San Fran here we come!

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These past couple of months just flew by. Last post was in July and it's mid October! I would like to say that I will blog more this season but that seems really unlikely :)
Here's an update for you guys.
In July I went on another camping trip with a great group of friends! Never camped at the Guadalupe before. So much fun!
In August I turned 30! My husband threw a surprise party for me! Dinner and dancing downtown. Yes, Please. And I got this sweet hat! And some other super thoughtful gifts! Thanks guys!

Random sunset pic for ya!
Drinks at San Antonio's first rooftop bar.
Current project. This quilt is huge! I had to cut 154 squares. Really should have thought this one through...
Finally got to see Deathcab!! Great show and great venue (Austin Moody Theater)!
Seether at Aztec Theater with the Fam !
My new inspiration wall! Hopefully this will keep me motivated to finish the biggest quilt I've ever made.
Pinterest IRL
Most of the prints are from A Beautiful Mess. Check out their kits. And Yvettie if your reading this, thanks for the art work! (Skull and zebra) :)
Oh yea! And Happy Back to the Future Day! One of my top 5 favs!

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I haven't had much time to blog as much as I wanted to but here are some photos of what we've been upto.

I am currently updating our bedroom. I repainted it white and painted an accent wall a pretty teal color. I love this look and can't wait to add some new furniture. I created this photo wall art. Like the heart shaped picture display seen all over the internet I decided to do this design instead. 1-27 is our anniversary. I love the way this came out.


 Chuky helped me make this headboard for the bedroom. It's a pretty light purple. I love it!

My cousin from New York was able to visit for a couple of weeks. We were able to go swimming and to Fiesta Texas. Hopefully next time she's in town we can go tubing!

 I am obsessed with clouds! Here's another cloud pic for ya!

Hopefully I can blog more this month!

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