I was lucky enough to be sent to New York for my job. Also, lucky enough that my husband was able to take the time off work to tag along. :)
We got to spend 6 days in the city with my cousin. We had the best time and can't wait to visit again. It was the craziest 6 days of our lives.

Wednesday night we went to eat at this great restaurant. (not even sure where it was :)) This place was so hidden I wouldn't have even known there was a restaurant there. Thankfully, this was my cousins favorite place. It was called Izakata Mew.

After dinner we went to a rooftop bar by the empire state building! So nice.

On Thursday night, we took the train to Brooklyn. We ate at the Meatball Shop which was delicious! Then went to a few bars by Brooklyn Bowl. This is our view of Manhattan from a rooftop bar. :)

We went to see Questlove DJ at Brooklyn Bowl. Amazing! Except no pics allowed :(

On Friday (which was the first day of spring!) it snowed all day! This is our view from our office.

Friday night, we went on a bit of an adventure looking for a pizza place. Walking in snow that is hitting you in the face is no fun. I never wanted an umbrella so bad. After going to two places on yelp that no longer existed! We finally found a place!
That night, we also went to the Comedy Cellar. I've never had so much fun! AND there was a special guest that night. LOUIS CK! I couldn't believe I was watching him. And he was only a few feet away from me. Felt like I was in his TV show. LOL
 Again, no pics allowed :(

Saturday was the only day we had to sight see, so we crammed as much as we could in!

View from Rockefeller Center

Pee break in the Plaza LOL

Prettiest snow man I've ever seen in Central Park. LOL


Yup! That's Ron Jeremy, Artie Lang, and Dave Attell! I'll leave you with that!!

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