These past couple of months just flew by. Last post was in July and it's mid October! I would like to say that I will blog more this season but that seems really unlikely :)
Here's an update for you guys.
In July I went on another camping trip with a great group of friends! Never camped at the Guadalupe before. So much fun!
In August I turned 30! My husband threw a surprise party for me! Dinner and dancing downtown. Yes, Please. And I got this sweet hat! And some other super thoughtful gifts! Thanks guys!

Random sunset pic for ya!
Drinks at San Antonio's first rooftop bar.
Current project. This quilt is huge! I had to cut 154 squares. Really should have thought this one through...
Finally got to see Deathcab!! Great show and great venue (Austin Moody Theater)!
Seether at Aztec Theater with the Fam !
My new inspiration wall! Hopefully this will keep me motivated to finish the biggest quilt I've ever made.
Pinterest IRL
Most of the prints are from A Beautiful Mess. Check out their kits. And Yvettie if your reading this, thanks for the art work! (Skull and zebra) :)
Oh yea! And Happy Back to the Future Day! One of my top 5 favs!

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